Cristiano Ronaldo: these are the 5 surgeries that the player underwent to improve his appearance

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the best forwards in world football and has always given people something to talk about for what he does on and off the pitch. This Sunday he fulfilled 38 years and the networks did not take long to reflect the changes that their appearance has undergone over time.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing. Source: Instagram @cristiano

He portuguese sportsman It is synonymous with discipline, perseverance and a lot of effort when it comes to training and having an enviable physical condition. In addition to having been the flag bearer of his country’s National Team and of the teams with which he has played different championships, his face has been associated with various brands that have sought him out for his advertisements.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing. Source: Instagram @cristiano

Those who know about the subject, have pointed to the new player of the Saudi Professional League for the surgeries to which he has been exposed to improve his appearance. Within this framework, in 2015 a video appeared in which the plastic surgeon Ernest Barbosa analyzed the changes that occurred in the face of the Portuguese star and that would have been thanks to medical interventions.

The 5 surgeries that Cristiano Ronaldo underwent to improve his appearance

Through the analysis of photos from different periods, he remarked that Cristiano Ronaldo “Some maxillofacial surgery procedures were performed to improve her middle and lower third. He had bone movement in both the upper and lower jaws and in addition to that, as can be seen in the teeth, he had an organization of teeth surely with orthodontics and with a smile design.”

Cristiano Ronaldo posing. Source: Instagram

Also, the movement of the jaws It would have made her nose change a bit, although it did not exactly have to be operated on. Regarding her eyebrows, the specialist said that “in the past they were a little lower and now they are a little higher” and that this had been modified through a endoscopic frontoplasty that “makes the eyebrows rise”.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing. Source: Instagram @cristiano

According to the specialist, Cristiano Ronaldo not only would he have opted for the scalpel to improve his face, but he would have had a “ultrasound liposculpturewhich allows for abdominal markings”. Thus, the plastic surgeon made it clear that the aesthetics of the Portuguese player has not only been based on physical exercise and a good choice when it comes to eating.