Cristina Chiabotto shows everyone her sister: she is as beautiful as she is

Cristina Chiabotto shows everyone her sister Serena in a shot at the sea: both are beautiful and with a dazzling smile.

Cristina Chiabotto became the mother of little Sofia for the second time. She announced it on her social media by posting a shot with the newborn baby and returning home: “June 29, 2022, Welcome Sofia “, with the accompanying writing. He made it known of the birth a few days since the announcement came only on July 3.

Cristina Chiabotto, sister (credits: instagram)

The eldest daughter of the showgirl and her husband Marco Roscio was born in 2021, and her name is Luce Maria. In recent weeks she has shared on social networks a series of images in which she appears with her family. The most recent of her portray her on holiday by the sea. Cristina was very young when she became known. She was 18 when she won the title of Miss Italy in 2004. Famous are the unforgettable advertisements that have seen her alongside Alessandro del Piero; these represent only the first steps of her career which exploded in a few years.

Today it is so much loved that even on social networks it finds a certain ‘success’. It is followed by over 600,000 followers and thousands of photos have been published. On her instagram channel, in the last few hours, she has shown that she is her sister Serena: do you know that Cristina has a beautiful sister like her?

Cristina Chiabotto with her sister in a shot at the sea: she is as beautiful as she is!

Cristina Chiabotto was very young when in 2004 she became known by winning the Miss Italy beauty contest. Following this first experience in the entertainment world, her career literally took off. The showgirl has worked in many television programs and with very different roles.

We have seen her sent, presenter, competitor and also winner, you will remember her in Dancing with the stars where, paired with Raimondo Todaro, she won the second edition. What can I say, a career to be framed! In recent weeks you have taken advantage of the summer season to spend a few days on vacation. Cristina spent time with her family. Among the various photos of these unforgettable moments she showed one of her in which she is photographed together with her sister: you know, right, that the presenter has a beautiful sister like her?

Cristina chiabotto sister
Cristina with Serena (credits: instagram)

The shot was published in the instagram stories. Together with his sister Serena, they are at the sea, as is evident from the costumes and the background behind. They appear with their face without makeup, so they show themselves in all their natural beauty. Cristina and Serena are very similar, both have light colors, are blondes and at first glance we notice a dazzling smile. The showgirl is beautiful and her sister is beautiful too, apparently her beauty belongs to the Chiabotto family!