Cristina D’Avena in concert at the Ariston Theater: “Sailor Moon in a symphonic key”

Friday 8 December Cristina D’Avena will be the protagonist of a unique and exclusive concert on the stage of the Artiston Theatre. The Sanremo Symphony Orchestra and the choirs of the InCanto Orchestra will accompany the artist in the event in which the theme songs of the most beloved cartoons of all time will be proposed in a new and wonderful guise. Maestro Valeriano Chiaravalle will conduct the orchestra.

Cristina D’Avena: “Sailor Moon with strings and violins it’s crazy”

Have you ever dreamed of being able to listen Sailor Moon in a symphonic key with strings and violins? Like every Christmas fairy tale, the wish is about to come true. Cristina D’Avena will go on stage at the Ariston Theater for a concert with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. The artist, who for years has accompanied us with the acronyms of our childhood and adolescence, will be the protagonist of a truly unmissable event. The show is scheduled forDecember 8 at 9.00 pm.

Here we are, very little left until the concert.

I’m very excited. It will be a concert in which I will sing my theme songs with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. After having already done it this summer at the Alfano Theatre, they called me back to perform at the Ariston Theatre, so much happiness.

Your songs will be rearranged in a new key.

It’s a truly different concert than usual, listening to my songs rearranged by the Symphony Orchestra is something unique, even for me. It has a particular flavour, then there will also be some Christmas songs.

A great emotion.

It will be a concert in which I will certainly get very excited, in fact I am very afraid of making mistakes, there will be many elements. Sailor Moon with strings and violins it’s crazy.

Which cartoon theme tunes can never be missing from the lineup?

Cat eyes, Mila and Shiro, The Smurfs And Kiss Me Licia. Once, for I don’t know what reason, I forgot to insert Kiss Me Lycia in the lineup, they told me all sorts of things (laughsed.).

You have a really great relationship with the audience.

I consider them all my friends, I talk to them like a friend and they do the same. We all have fun together, it’s crazy.

And the audience is also very transversal.

This is thanks to the different concerts: from the super fun ones with Gem Boy to the one with the Symphony Orchestra which has a completely different flavour.

A connection perhaps also due to the fact that they are songs that connect to childhood and adolescence.

We grew up together since I was sixteen. I sang the songs to those people who come to my concerts today with their children, it’s such an emotional thing that there are no words to explain it.

A concert that you carry in your heart?

What I did in the 90s at the Assago Forum, I was the first. I gave all the proceeds to the AIRC, it was a beautiful thing, an immense joy.

If you could give one piece of advice to your 16-year-old self, what would it be?

I’ve always been a little shy and with a very reserved approach, so maybe I would tell myself not to be afraid. Precisely because I am eternally indecisive by nature, I would tell the sixteen-year-old girl to dare a little more. But I’m not complaining, I would do everything I did again a thousand times.