Cristina in tears at Marriage at first sight: “I don’t like it”

Cristina, wife of Mattia, bursts into tears at Marriage at first sight: “I don’t like it”

The new edition of Marriage at first sight started on Wednesday 16 February. Nada Loffredi, Mario Abis and Andrea Favaretto have chosen the protagonists and formed the couples. In the first few episodes we met them and found out more about their life.

Wedding at first sight, Cristina bursts into tears after seeing the groom (source youtube)

We lived with them the emotions of the moment, the expectation and also the fear of not being able to like it or on the contrary, that the other person does not fall within their canons. Let’s say that this happened a bit with everyone, only Mattia was very impressed by Cristina’s beauty.

Let’s focus our attention on this couple and see together what happened when the young woman went to the place where she said yes. The bride had a breakdown.

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Wedding at first sight, Cristina bursts into tears: “I don’t like it, I feel like crying”

We met the marriage couples at first sight of the eighth edition. We witnessed the moment in which they discovered that they were the protagonists, the arrival of the gifts from their respective spouses and the celebration of the wedding. Cristina and Mattia, Gianluca with Giorgia and Antonio with Giorgia are the three couples.

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Let’s talk about the first couple mentioned, the one formed by Mattia and Cristina. The couple did not initially have the same impressions. Mattia has always appeared much calmer than the bride. The latter, while going to the place where the bridegroom was, did not hide her fears. But fear took over once it arrived. Cristina had a moment of despair shown as she spoke ‘behind the scenes’ and cried.

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The bride after seeing Mattia exclaimed: “I arrive and my heart bursts, I have a lot of emotions and feelings unfortunately not very positive. I feel like crying, I don’t like it, it looks too big, it makes an impression on me a little. I hope I can make things go well, in my real life I would never have looked at a person like this. I see it distant from me on an aesthetic level “. Cristina, as stated by her and also by Andrea Favaretto, has always had relationships with smaller men or her of the same age as her, when she saw Mattia she gave the man a few more years. In fact, the groom is about 3 years older.

During the ceremony it would seem that the bride has changed her mind, showing a certain openness and a lot of lightheartedness towards Mattia.