Cristina Morales, formerly of Gary Medel, broke the silence about the footballer’s controversy

Football player Gary Medell 35-year-old is in the media spotlight after her ex-partner and mother of her twin children, Alejandra Henriquez, leaked audios last weekend where he announced that the athlete kicked the boys out of his house despite the fact that he had given them the property.

“A house that he once gave them for Christmas. Seeing my children suffer like this breaks my soul… Their own father who says he loves them and gives them all the affection, attention and dedication, which was not the case… I kept quiet for several years and now I won’t keep quiet anymore because they messed with my children… $600,000 pension per child,” said Alejandra Henriquez about Gary Medel.

Faced with this delicate situation that Gary Medellanother of his exes Cristina MoralesHe raised his voice and came to his defense. On her Instagram account, the brunette first explained why she is spooning into this scandal and said: “I’m sorry but with this hypocrisy I can’t. I can’t because my biological father abandoned me and my brother as children without contributing anything , neither affective nor economic”.

The discharge of Cristina Morales in favor of Gary Medel. Source: instagram @crismorales1987

“We got ahead alone and even so, he never dared to send negative messages from my father, despite deserving them. He even alternated academic training with work to be better prepared at work and move forward with us,” he added. Cristina Morales emphasizing why it is important for him to have an opinion in this case of his ex Gary Medel.

The discharge of Cristina Morales in favor of Gary Medel. Source: instagram @crismorales1987

“So after experiencing that and knowing what it is, my blood boils to see how women who have kept the father of their children in mind both financially and emotionally. They have the tough face to get on the bandwagon of all those moms who really do have to juggle to make ends meet,” she said. Cristina Morales.

The discharge of Cristina Morales in favor of Gary Medel. Source: instagram @crismorales1987

Finally, Cristina Morales he tried hard to Alejandra Henriquez and he said: “I can’t keep quiet about this, because it’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen. Stop inciting hatred towards the father of your children. I remind you that very recently there was a video call where Gary put you as Queen, but you didn’t record that, did you?