Cristina of Men and Women, shocking background: no one could ever imagine it

Cristina of Men and Women, shocking background: no one could ever imagine it; what we found out about the queen of the throne Over.

She is one of the absolute protagonists of the last season of Men and women. A new entry that, in a short time, was able to get noticed, both by the men in the parterre and by the public at home. Let’s talk about her Christinethe charming blonde lady who arrived in the studio in recent months.

Cristina to Men and Women (Credits Witty Tv) Sologossip

42 years old, from Rome, Cristina received the number from various riders of the broadcast, including that of Armando Incarnate. There was a brief acquaintance between the two, which did not end well: discussions between them are the order of the day. There is not a single episode in which the two are not the protagonists of a heated bickering! Waiting to find out how Cristina’s adventure will continue in the program and if she will be able to find true love on TV, we reveal a backstory really curious about her. Something that not everyone knows but which is also written in her Instagram bio… What is it about? Find out now.

Men and women, Cristina is one of the ladies of the throne Over: the curious background

After the abrupt break with Armando, Christine will he be able to find his half in the study of Men and Women? The previews of the last recording of the show, held yesterday December 28, contain a twist: the checkers she reveals that she is interested in Alessandro, the new knight who is dating Gemma Galgani, among others. How will the latter take it? According to the previews, the lady will receive quite a few criticisms, from Armando in primis, but also from commentators Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti. Waiting to find out more, we reveal a curiosity that concerns the beautiful Cristina.

As can also be read in her Instagram biography, Cristina is a descendant of Count Alessandro Vincenzo Siciliano, a noble Italian entrepreneur, who became count in 1916: he was granted the title by Pope Benedict XV. A background that not everyone knew about the face of Canale 5, but, as we said, you can also read it on its official social channel. Channel already followed for over 10 thousand followers and where he loves to share photos and videos of his days: there are shots in the company of his daughter, born from a previous relationship.

cristina men and women background
Cristina del Trono Over (Credits Witty Tv ) Sologossip

We just have to wait to find out all the news about Cristina and the rest of the protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s show. The last recording of the year will be held this evening, December 29, 2022, but the episodes will be broadcast again starting January 9, the first Monday after the Christmas holidays. We can’t wait to dive back into the adventures and sentimental stories of the most famous throne on TV, and you?