Cristy Solís, wife of Marco Antonio Solís, surprised everyone with a tight dress ideal for highlighting attributes

Cristy Solís, the charming wife of the iconic figure of Latin music, Marco Antonio Solisleft everyone speechless with his presence in the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The blue carpet was illuminated even more thanks to her stunning outfit, a tight dress that highlighted her impressive assets. The dress, in an elegant green tone, captured the attention of everyone present and became one of the most talked about topics of the night.

Not only did he surprise with his choice of clothing, but Cristy she also shared a beautiful moment on her Instagram post. In the photo that she shared on her social networks, she looked radiant with her daughter, Mar Soliswho undoubtedly inherited her mother’s beauty and charm.

This image of the daughter and wife of Marco Antonio Solis captured the essence of the night, highlighting the importance of family in the artists’ lives. The Billboard Latin Music Awards are an annual event that celebrates the outstanding achievements of Latin artists in the music industry. In this edition, the big winners included renowned names such as Shakirawho continues to captivate his audience with his exceptional talent, and Karol G, a true featherweight in the Latin music scene. Besides, Bad Bunnya leading figure in urban music, offered an exciting presentation that left everyone in attendance wanting more.

Cristy Solís in green tight dress. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

The green dress Solis Not only did it make her shine on the blue carpet, but it also symbolized her own contribution to the world of Latin music, as a strong and passionate woman who supports her husband in his career. Her choice of wardrobe was a fashion statement and a sign of her unwavering support for her daughter Mar de ella.

Cristy Solís with her daughter Mar Solís. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

In summary, Cristy Solis She dazzled everyone at the Billboard Latin Music Awards with her elegant green dress, shared a tender moment on Instagram with her daughter Mar Solís, and demonstrated once again that Latin music continues to be a powerful magnet for artists and fans from all over the world.