Crosetto and the controversy over the Army calendar: “We’re going crazy”

The Minister of Defense on the controversy over the calendar ‘accused’ of rehabilitating fascism

“I regret having to take time away from much more important and serious things to respond to specious and ridiculous controversies.” Thus in a note the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, expresses his opinion on the case raised in relation to the Army’s 2024 Calendar which, as declared for example by the representative of the Democratic Party Sandro Ruotolo, would rehabilitate fascism. “Today it is the turn of the Army Calendar for 2024. In order to invent a political attack on a member of the majority, some opposition representatives do not bother to tarnish the Armythe Armed Forces, the Defense, but above all soldiers and officers who were indisputable heroes and whose memory we just need to continue to honor, as the Army wanted to do”, says Crosetto.

“Heroes for their entire military lives, regardless of the political leaders. I want to remember them one by one and remember that, after having fought in the ranks of the Royal Army in the Second World War, instead of surrendering or deserting, they all, and indeed all, took took part in the Liberation Struggle, being awarded the highest honour, the Gold Medal for Military Valor, in 1943-1945”, recalls Crosetto, who makes known the names and the events that concerned them.

Could these be the ‘fascists’ that some political forces point to? We are crazy – denounces the minister – We are talking about true heroes who, almost all at the cost of their lives, fought for the freedom of Italy, faithful to their oath and to the institutions they served. I do not accept that the shining and exemplary memory of these people is tarnished for a sterile political controversy.”

The Ministry of Defense, in a note, highlights that “the Army Calendar 2024, whose theme and title are the result of the Army’s editorial choice, does not intend to ‘rehabilitate fascism’ at all, on the contrary. In fact, the Calendar is part of a historical trilogy which wants to exclusively highlight the commitment and value of the Italians and our soldiers in the War of Liberation, in the awareness that, like those of then, today’s soldiers, with the oath they take, undertake to serve the country and its its republican institutions”.

“Many soldiers, who survived three years of very harsh war, had no doubts, after 8 September 1943, about what their duty was and what position the Italian Army should take. Not surprisingly, all the soldiers present in the Army Calendar 2024 they were chosen because their courage was an example both before the Armistice and, with equal commitment and determination, during the War of Liberation, fighting in the ranks of the Royal Army or the partisan formations, to the point of extreme sacrifice – underlines the Defense – Just read the reasons for awarding the Gold Medals for military valor. The “before and after” of 8 September 1943 therefore indicates the coherence and value of the courageous commitment of those who chose to serve the country, honoring the oath volunteered, to the point of sacrificing one’s life or continuing, despite the danger, to fight for the rebirth of Italy”.

“This – clarifies the Ministry of Defense – is the spirit of the Army Calendar 2024! Political controversies and ideological prejudices are foreign to the Armed Forces. It is no coincidence that, in the Calendar, those who were decorated before the Armistice received an honor still more important and prestigious for what was done after 8 September; the ideals and values ​​that animated them were the same: those of the oath to the homeland and to the institutions”.