Crosetto and the ‘outburst’ on the magistrates, the minister in the Chamber: “My sentences are not serious”

Crosetto responds in the Chamber to +Europa’s urgent question to clarify the meaning of his ‘outburst’ on the magistrates: “Here feverish out of respect for Parliament. Immediately available to report to the commission and to Montecitorio”

”I didn’t think anyone could challenge a minister who comes to answer a question…”. Guido Crosetto responds in the Chamber to + Europa’s urgent question to clarify the meaning of his ‘outburst’ on magistrates. The Minister of Defense replies to the PD group leader, Chiara Braga, in Montecitorio and explains: ”I have given my availability from the following day to be present in the Commission. Have they asked me to be present in Antimafia? Certain. Copasir asked me and I said ‘of course…’. Have I expressed my willingness to come to the Chamber? Certain. I came to answer feverishly with a fever of 39 degrees out of respect for Parliament… I was asked for one thing, however, to which I said no: to replace the expected information on the Middle East. To this – Crosetto specifies – I said no, because information on the Middle East is fundamental and important”.

Also in the Chamber were the leaders of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, and of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, to listen to the minister’s words. The Fdi representative greeted both the dem secretary and the five-star president before the session. With the latter there was a brief exchange on Transatlantic: “I won the bet, no one thought I would be present and instead here I am”, Conte told Crosetto.

“My sentences are not serious”

“I have problems with everything, except dealing with Parliament on sentences that I don’t find serious”, the minister said in the Chamber, adding: “If we want to make additional information on justice, I have no problem”.

”I am struck by the mystification of my words”, ”I will never attack the judiciary”, ”I have total faith in the judiciary as in humanity but we must distinguish…”, he replied again.