Crossfire – Locked in the nightmare, plot and cast of the British TV mini-series

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There BBC mini-series Crossfire – Stuck in the Nightmare it’s a thriller divided into two parts, written by Louise Doughty and directed by Tessa Hoffe which tells the nightmare of a inn exclusive to the Canary Islands which becomes the setting for a high-voltage race for survival. Shot entirely in Tenerife, the series is inspired by a fact that actually happened.

Crossfire – Stuck in the nightmare: the plot of the mini-series

The guests of a dream hotel in the Canary Islands are quietly enjoying their holidays, between a dip in the pool, sunbathing on the terrace, a massage and a cocktail, when suddenly shots are heard. Some armed men they transform the luxury complex into hell in an instant, forcing the hotel staff and guests to defend themselves and resist the violent action in order to survive and return to their lives. Jo and her husband are in the company of their children and friends and when tragedy strikes, the woman manages to find a weapon and start his own war on the front lines.

Crossfire – Stuck in the Nightmare: the plot of the mini-series

Jothe protagonist, is played by Keeley Haweswhile Hugo Silva is Mateo. “There is a lot of action in this series. But at the same time human stories and moral dilemmas emerge. The viewer will ask himself until the end: what would I have done in that situation?” says the actress, adding, “It’s quite unusual to have a female lead at the center of such an adrenaline-packed story. Jo will try to save her family members and herself with the help of the hotel’s head of security, as the killers threaten their lives, no matter what. Playing her made me ask many questions and reflect: I loved and hated her”. In the cast also Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Josette Simon, Anneika Rose, Noah Leggott.

The true story

There Cross family was on holiday in the Canary Islands when she found herself at the center of an unusual and dangerous situation. Mother Jo Cross, former police officer she was forced back into action to save her family when a gang of criminals broke into their hotel, the Hotel Il Barranco Tropical, and took some guests and staff hostage. This event undoubtedly influenced the internal dynamics of the Cross family who were able to tell what happened years later, inspiring this series.