Crotone, boy beaten after a fight: fight for life

The young man is hospitalized at the ‘Pugliese Ciaccio’ hospital in Catanzaro

A Bolognese boy was brutally beaten in Crotone after a quarrel that arose for futile reasons, and is now fighting for his life. “A boy from Bologna, Davide Ferrerio, was brutally beaten in Crotone, following a dispute that arose for futile reasons, and is now fighting for his life at the ‘Pugliese Ciaccio’ hospital in Catanzaro. The attacker has been identified and arrested. by the police; together with him two other women, present during the scuffle, would be reported for aiding and abetting “said Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region in a note.

“As an institution, we are ready to become a civil party, alongside Davide’s family, in the judicial proceedings that will take place against the aggressor” says Occhiuto, expressing “a clear condemnation for this very serious and unacceptable episode. Violence – unfortunately the news of these summer weeks, around Italy, are full of similar situations – is never the solution to resolve any disputes. Whoever uses it, lightly and indiscriminately, commits a crime. And for Davide’s assailant, I hope there is an exemplary punishment. I would like to send the region’s sincere solidarity to the Ferrerio family and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the 20-year-old from Bologna, praying that this bad story may have a positive ending “.