Crotone, Carabinieri commander dies during a dive

It was probably an illness

Tragic accident at sea in Crotone. The provincial commander of the carabinieri, Colonel Gabriele Mambor, died in the afternoon during a dive in the sea. Mambor, 49, a spearfishing enthusiast probably fell ill. The officer’s body was recovered near the beach in front of the Crotone cemetery.

In Crotone since 2020, after having commanded the Bari operational department, Mambor had already served in Calabria, first in the Vibo Valentia Hunters, then in command of the Ros of Reggio. “To say that we carabinieri are at the service of the citizens – these were his words at the time of taking office, recalls the citizen newspaper ‘Il Crotonese’ -. fundamental on the territory because it helps to keep alive that social pact with the institutions. I will do everything to be the guardian of the duty that we Carabinieri have to be at the service of citizens. Our job is to work for the respect of legality in every its aspect. A task that cannot, however, only be borrowed from the police. This is why I hope for collaboration with citizens to help us do our job better “.