Crotone, explosion on a tugboat at the port: 3 dead

Another person was seriously injured. They are all crew members

And of three dead and one seriously injured the toll of an explosion occurred inside a tugboat docked on the quay in the port of Crotone. The three victims and the seriously injured person are all crew members. The firefighters intervened on the spot and what is learned, a fifth person of the crew was rescued in a confusional state.

Two bodies were found on the dock while the third victim of the explosion was thrown into the sea and recovered by some boats. According to reports, the explosion occurred inside the engine room.

The crew consisted of seven people, of Egyptian, Indian and one Italian nationality. According to Adnkronos from the Port Authority of Crotone, which coordinates the operations, at the time of the explosion there were six people on board while a seventh had gone out to do the shopping. The three victims are of foreign nationality. Operations continue to secure the boat.

“Dead and injured at the port of Crotone due to the explosion of a container following a fire on a tugboat. The Calabria Region expresses condolences to the families of the victims. Thanks to the rescuers and firefighters for their precious intervention” he written on Twitter Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region.