Crowd of VIPs at the wedding of Santo Versace and Francesca De Stefano

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Saturday 8th July Holy Versace And Frances DeStefano they swore eternal love. The entrepreneur from the fashion world got married in Rome, among the guests many well-known faces of the Italian show business: from Alba Parietti to Sonia Bruganelli passing through Aurora Ramazzotti.

santo versace and francesca de stefano, the wedding videos

Parade of VIPs at the wedding of Santo Versace and Francesca De Stefano. As seen on social media, many protagonists of the small and big screen were guests of the wedding, which took place in a church in the center of Rome.

The great party was attended by many stars who for a day celebrated the great love of Francesca De Stefano and Santo Versace. Alba Parietti (PHOTO) shared videos and photos telling Instagram followers about some moments of the day: from the ceremony to the throwing of rice to leaving the church.

The presenter and actress then wrote: “Truly an unforgettable evening. Beautiful everything, exciting, moving and funny. Above all, one breathed the immense love that binds two people who love each other deeply. I have known Santo Versace since Gianni in the 90s made me his muse, a friend of his and I will forever be linked to them in this indissoluble bond that Gianni Versace was able to create with those he loved. The party was magical and full of class, beauty and energy and I repeat: true love that can be touched, seen and breathed between Francesca and Santo”.

Among the guests also Eleonora Daniele, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti who told. “Francesca and I met on vacation years ago, an important journey for both even if for very different reasons. I remember her sweetness and curiosity and the endless chats overlooking the sea. A joint perhaps apparently improbable but full of truth and therefore solid over time. Feeling heard and seen by her meant a lot to a teenager like me and so a strong, true and rare bond was created. On July 8 Santo and Francesca finally crowned their dream of getting married and I know how much they wanted it. This is why Francesca De Stefano will always remain a great honor for me to have been your bridesmaid and I will never forget this special day”.