Cryptocurrencies, the revolution that saves 99% of energy

Ethereum breakthrough: a change in technology that allows to reduce the (a lot) energy needed to produce and exchange “digital money”. With opportunities and risks. Watch the video

At Sky Tg24 Business the cryptocurrency revolution: Ethereum, the second most widespread in the world after Bitcoin, has announced a change in technology, operational since September 15, which allows for a 99% reduction in energy expenditure (to do “mining”, therefore producing cryptocurrencies, and to validate transactions, very powerful computers are needed that use a lot of energy).

Ferdinando Ametrano, Professor of Blockchain Technology at Bicocca University and CEO of CheckSig explains in simple terms what it is: a change in the ‘consent’ mode. In fact, we know that there is no central bank that beats money, or an institution that manages and guarantees the circulation of this “money”, and the guarantee on the fairness of the exchanges is given by the network participants themselves.

In the episode of 16 September, space will also be given to the state of health of the Italian start-ups with Paolo VacchinoCEO of Focus Futuro, and inflation data with Antonio CesaranoChief Global Strategist of Intermonte SIM.