Csaba dalla Zorza di Cortesie for guests: the announcement that leaves everyone speechless

Csaba from Zorza di Cortesie for guests has published an announcement that leaves everyone speechless: what it is.

Courtesies for guests is a very popular program broadcast on Real Time. In each episode two couples compete. Here a lunch or dinner is offered to the three judges and the rival couple. It is the judges, and at the same time conductors of the format, who give an opinion, each in its specific field. There are those who take care of home furnishings, the way to set the table and entertain guests, or the way to place the dishes.

Csaba Dalla Zorza leaves followers speechless, what the host of Cortesie has revealed for guests (source instagram)

So far, the judges have been Csaba dalla Zorza, Roberto Valbuzzi and Diego Thomas. But a few days ago, the architect announced, through a social post, that he will not be present in the new episodes. In its place, the actor and host was chosen Luca Calvani. But in the last few days there has been no shortage of announcements and news and not only Thomas has blown away the fans, but also Csaba dalla Zorza. The presenter has given a news to her followers.

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Csaba Dalla Zorza of Cortesie for guests: the announcement came suddenly, what it is

In the last few days, news has arrived that has blown away the fans of the beloved program, or Courtesies for guests. Diego Thomas, architect and interior designer, announced, through his social channel, that he will not be present in the new episodes: “CArissime friends and dear friends, to you who follow me I share first of all in a choice that I made, after more than three years, 298 episodes and 596 dinners, I will not be present in the new episodes of Courtesy for guests “.

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Thomas, apparently, has decided to devote himself, for the moment, to something else. But also Csaba dalla Zorza surprised the followers. The presenter left a social announcement, leaving everyone speechless. But what is it about? Nothing to worry about, Csaba doesn’t leave Cortesie for guests, but she’s ready to embark on a new project.

social post by Csaba dalla zorza
instagram source

On June 28th I was in Puglia, I was there for work, when a phone call opened my world to a new opportunity. Accepting to direct a furniture and design magazine was not immediate … I inherit a magazine that I love, and I feel full of gratitude“, This is an excerpt from the December Editorial, as the host reported. Well, the news is magnificent! Csaba dalla Zorza is ready to direct the Marie Claire Maison Italia furniture and design magazine!