Csaba dalla Zorza, even in his home good taste reigns supreme: guess what immediately catches the eye

A house with an unmistakable style that of Csaba dalla Zorza whose elegance fully reflects that of the owner, how wonderful!

No one better than her would be able to fill the role she has long held in the famous Real Time program better Courtesies for Guests. Elegance, class and refinement are the characteristics that make her character on TV irresistible but the beauty is that Csaba dalla Zorza it is so even away from the cameras.

Csaba dalla Zorza, even in her home good taste reigns supreme: guess what captures the most attention (Instagram)

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It is even his own to prove it home in Milan, where she lives with her husband Lorenzo Rossi, their children Edoardo and Ludovica and their kitten Minou. Graduated from the prestigious Parisian school Le Cordon Bleu, Csaba is an expert in the art of receiving and author of several cooking books.

The latter is his realm: it is impossible not to notice the large white piece of furniture, signed by the Belgians of Flamant, in which he puts away the sets of plates and glasses that he does not use every day. “My favorite is Gien’s Sologne designed by Estelle Rebottaro: my husband gave it to me for Christmas many years ago”, she revealed in a report by small style, magazine of the Corriere della Sera.

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So let’s find out the other most interesting details of the Csaba abode, you will be enchanted!

Have you ever seen where Csaba dalla Zorza lives? His home is a journey into magic

A very elegant one dominates in the open space living room parquet in black wood that contrasts with the light wood table. Crystal chandeliers and sofas capitonné around a black tea table with glass window make everyone fall in love.

Csaba dalla Zorza house
Photo source: Instagram

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In this room of the house, the real ‘jewel’ is the grandiose bookshelf which contains more than 900 volumes of recipes! The kitchen, with three steel ovens and two white refrigerators, displays a black and white checkerboard floor and an island in steel. As you can imagine, its tea sets are of a unique class.

Csaba dalla Zorza house
Photo source: Instagram

See what details? Impossible not to fall in love with it!