CSM, appeal of the currents to Cartabia: “Strategic and urgent reform ‘

the secretaries of the Area, independent judiciary and Unicost interviewed by Adnkronos

There reform of the High Council of the Judiciary is urgent and strategic, to re-establish the prestige of the autonomous governing body and to avoid conditioning the vote for its renewal, scheduled for July next year. This is the appeal of the togal currents to the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, and to the government gathered by Adnkronos in the aftermath of the announcement by the Minister of Justice, who assured them that the reform is “imminent”.

“The next elections for the renewal of the CSM are close, and the Head of State reminds us that we cannot allow them to take place with rules that have fully demonstrated their inadequacy – said the secretary of the independent judiciary, Angelo Piraino – We have loyally provided the Minister with our contribution to reflect on the reform of the electoral system of the CSM, and we are waiting to know the choices that will be made. We hope that the new system knows how to combine the need for representativeness with the adoption of truly effective measures in excluding voting constraints by the currents “.

The High Council of the Judiciary, underlined the Unicost secretary, Mariarosaria Savaglio, “is the body at the center of the justice system, placed as a guarantee of the independence and autonomy of the judiciary, thanks to the complex system of checks and balances dictated by the Constitutional Charter. We have been saying for a long time that the reform is urgent, also to fully re-establish its role too often debased by particular interests“.

From Eugenio Albamonte, Secretary of the Democratic Area for Justice “the hope is that the reform is really imminent, we are already very late, we should have already had a text on which to start the comparison. It is to be hoped that the delay is not to the detriment of the participation of the judiciary, but also of all the other operators involved in the comparison. It is a long-awaited reform, and is considered strategic, it cannot be launched overnight without a real confrontation – he warns – We expect it to be approved immediately so that a discussion on the text can be started“.