Csm, Cesa: ‘Little-known lay candidates? The famous does not come, low pay’

‘Gender equality 40-60%? Nordio take it to 50-50, we have full support’

“The understanding exists between everyone, under the banner of a gender balance and as a message of responsibility towards the country. Finding an agreement on the names was, I think, a very positive and useful job in getting the CSM back on its feet”. 40% women, 60% men) on the possibility of moving the bar to 50-50 in the future to Adnkronos replies: “It is a measure that Cartabia has made. But since we are discussing justice a lot, the next one could be thought of to arrive at a balance, because unfortunately we never get there except with legislative mechanisms. It’s up to Nordio to do it. I would support it 100%. Women have great common sense, work ability and dedication. In my experiences I have found them extraordinary. Much more prepared than the boys. I hope we reach a draw, but we’re almost there.”

Among the lay candidates for the CSM, there are no big names: “The important thing is that they are capable. They are all lawyers…they have to come here to work and do their job. I am very confident”. Then Cesa observes: “The most famous name does not come to the CSM. We have a very serious problem in this country. We have placed pay caps on top state officials and those who perform these functions. The maximum earnings limit for an executive is around 240,000 euros gross, if we want to have an efficient public administration we have to review this thing. Politics should pose a problem and rethink this aspect or the level of efficiency of the roles will be lowered. We now have 220 billion Pnrr to spend. If we don’t have managers capable of doing it, are we going to return the billions?”, She concludes before returning to the Chamber. (By Roberta Lanzara)