CSM chooses Luigi Saved, he is the new Pg of the Cassation

plenum chaired by Mattarella, 17 votes in his favor and 8 to the other candidate Riello

Luigi Saves is the new Attorney General of the Court of Cassation. He was appointed by the plenum of the Higher Council of the Judiciary, chaired by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella. Saved, currently deputy attorney general of the Cassation, prevailed with 17 votes over the other candidate proposed by the executive commission, Luigi Riello, attorney general of Naples, who had 8.

He takes the place of Giovanni Salvi, who is leaving on 9 July to retire. The pg of the Cassation is the holder of the disciplinary action against the magistrates, together with the Minister of Justice, and a member by right of the CSM.

In the judiciary since 1980, Luigi Saves has been a judge at the Court of Lagonegro and Santa Maria Capua Vetere, and since 1988 in Naples. In 1995 he was chosen as a member of the Studies Office of the Higher Council of the Judiciary, where he returned in 2004 for a few months as secretary general, in 1997 study assistant at the Constitutional Court. From 2002 he joined the Court of Cassation as a magistrate attached to the Office of the Massimario, then a councilor, deputy attorney general, advocate general and finally, from 2020, deputy attorney general.