Csm, elected Carbone and Romboli

The laymen indicated by Third Pole and Pd were elected

The names indicated by the Third Pole, Ernesto Carbone and the candidate of the Democratic Party, Roberto Romboli, would have been elected to the CSM as laymen. According to center-right parliamentary sources, Felice Giuffrè, proposed by Fdi in place of Giuseppe Valentino, would be out. The counting of the ballots still would not have ended in the Chamber. In the end, only 9 out of ten would have won.

During the day, a twist in Montecitorio during the meeting of Parliament in joint session: the name of Giuseppe Valentino indicated by Fdi ‘jumps’. M5S gets in the way, thus jeopardizing the agreement between the majority and the opposition for the election of the ten lay members. THE

They say that after moments of strong tension the parties would have taken the key to avert the worst: hence the proposal to ‘restart’ with all the names already presented, except that of Valentino, replaced by Giuffrè.

“As shameful, inconceivable and lying as it may be, no shovelful of mud will ever scratch my credibility, my honor and my honesty. For this reason I withdraw my candidacy for the CSM”, says Giuseppe Valentino, indicated by Fratelli d’Italia as a member layman of the Csm.

“A gentleman like Peppino Valentino pulled himself out of the race for the CSM after being mascara with a shameful Goebbelsian method by the Cinquestelle. Valentino has once again shown that he is a gentleman, an upright nobleman with a strong sense of the state which he put before the interests of the nation by renouncing a well-deserved election and being the victim of yet another sad page of Jacobinism”, says Alfredo Antoniozzi, deputy group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber.

“The step back by Giuseppe Valentino, a high-profile criminal lawyer, demonstrates his honesty and above all the high sense of responsibility towards the role of judge of the CSM that had been proposed to him. His well-known integrity cannot be affected by a machine of the clockwork mud that only a fake ‘progressive’ front can implement. The mud that has been thrown at him is shameful, no one dares to question his professionalism. The news without real substance that came out, not by chance, only by vote, is reprehensible started”, says the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti.