CSM, the alarm of the ANM: “There is a risk that the reform does not arrive in time. The inertia of politics is a heavy responsibility”

Santalucia: “‘no one bothered to maintain the status quo”

“We are in the season of reforms and perhaps the most important, certainly the most awaited one, of the judiciary and of the Higher Council of the Judiciary, which is slow to see the light. There is a strong and well-founded concern that it will not be able to be launched in time to allow the next composition of the self-governing body to be formed by an electoral mechanism different from the current one.“. To sound the alarm is the president of the National Association of Magistrates, Giuseppe Santaluciain its opening report to the central steering committee

“In spite of some malevolent voice, indifferent to reality and fond of prejudices, no one within the National Magistrates Association has worked hard to maintain the status quo – Santalucia assures – We are all aware that the regulatory framework must change, we all know that it would be pernicious to entrust the new composition of the CSM to the same electoral mechanisms that marked unsuccessful periods of the council institution “.

“We will have to remind the Politics that even not acting, the remaining inert, letting time pass in vain is equivalent, in situations of overt inadequacy of the regulatory framework, to taking on a heavy responsibilityto which the judiciary remains extraneous and from which it will only be able to suffer the negative effects “, denounces the president Anm.