Cun and Cifas on UFOs and the Grusch case: “Confirmation that the first flying object was recovered in Italy in 1933”

Pinotti and Bibolotti: “The aircraft was transferred to the USA in 1945”

“Today, 90 years ago, in Lombardy in 1933 a UFO was recovered, at the time called in Italy ‘Non Conventional Aircraft’ (Vnc) near Magenta. The Fascist government kept the event secret, considering it a revolutionary aerial vehicle of a other European power and entrusted the study to a team of experts called “Gabinetto RS/33” (acronym in which RS stands for “Special Research” and 33 is the year of birth of the group) led by the President of the Royal Academy of Italy Guglielmo Marconi, who unsuccessfully carried out reverse engineering studies aimed at replicating the technology of the recovered vehicle”. Roberto Pinotti, Cun President Vladimiro Bibolotti, Cifas President, refer to what was reported by “‘deep throat’ David Grusch, a decorated soldier and also an agent of US Intelligence”, who “has just confirmed that in the Pentagon the fact is in fact well known. ‘This is the first UFO recovered’ he declared. Mussolini would also inform Pope Pius XII, and the object would then fall into the hands of the Americans in 1945 and the OSS (the CIA’s ancestor) would take care of it transport from liberated Italy to the United States”.

“The question emerged in 1996”, when the aerospace journalist and president of the National Ufological Center Roberto Pinotti received “from an anonymous descendant of one of the members of the Cabinet a series of documents (later proved to be authentic and of the period with forensic analysis), proving the fact and activity of the RS/33 Cabinet in the collection of cases of this type between 1933 and 1940. Pinotti and Alfredo Lissoni published a report on the subject with Mondadori, which has now become a best-seller (Luci nel cielo: vnc, the UFOs of the twenty years’). Luis Elizondo, the US military and secret agent who in 2017 started the process that in 2021 definitively cleared the reality of UFOs, today officially indicated as advanced technological means under intelligent control and of unknown origin, then indicated that of 1933 as an event that US Intelligence actually reported to have occurred”.

Grusch “has therefore just fully confirmed what has already emerged and presented in their book by Pinotti and Lissoni, and all of this implies the fact that the phenomenon – silenced to the highest levels of secrecy by the Duce – dates the Ufo question from the USA in 1947 back to ‘Italy of 1933. So it’s now official: the UFO problem arose during fascism in our peninsula, between 1933 and 1940 at the center of multiple sightings of Non Conventional Aircraft (VNC) referred to in the reports of the Cabinet RS/33 and from the telegrams sent in this regard by the Prefects of the Kingdom to the Head of the Government. Anyone in Italy who is aware of other probative elements would be good to come out into the open as well”.