Current account seizure, Palazzo Chigi sources: “Unsubstantiated news”

“As a government I respect taxpayers’ rights and privacy”

“The news according to which there is a measure in the Budget Law that would allow the Revenue Agency to directly access Italians’ current accounts to recover unpaid taxes it is totally baseless“. This is what we learn from Palazzo Chigi sources.

“The budget law, consistently with the fiscal delegation approved by Parliament and with the line of firmness followed by the Government in the fight against tax evasion – the same sources specify -, limits itself to providing for the possibility of using IT tools to streamline existing tools used to recover amounts relating to tax bills for which the taxpayer has not lodged an appeal and has not obtained a judicial suspension. Any initiative of this government regarding taxation will always guarantee full respect for the rights of the taxpayer and his privacy in an equal relationship between State and citizen“.