Cyber ​​security and new threats: “This is what 2030 will be like”

A web series to understand how the world could be at the beginning of the next decade and how the cybersecurity sector could respond to the evolution of cybercrime: it’s Project 2030: nine episodes available for free on YouTube that allow you to understand thanks to the know-how of Trend Micro, a company specializing in information security, “how connectivity, data and artificial intelligence will change the world in which we live, work and operate in society”.

What’s in the nine episodes

The web series shows the future through the eyes of a citizen, a business, a government in the futuristic nation-state of New San Joban, where augmented reality has a major impact on daily life, and offers a detailed analysis of the evolving threats. What could happen in 2030? If governments, institutions, companies and individual citizens will not be able to adequately defend themselves, the artificial intelligence tools will also allow individuals without particular skills to carry out cyber attacks even on a large scale, for example by blocking supplies, carrying out sabotage in industries, sending in the chaos the logistics and transport sectors. That’s not all: it will be easier to convey disinformation, steal data or identity, circulate dirty money.

A not so distant future

Project 2030, explain by Trend Micro, “was built on the basis of open source research, on the study of reports on the threat landscape signed by companies and scientists, on patent monitoring” and aims to be an engaging and fun way to have a look to the future and allow companies and organizations to think about how they will have to adapt to the new reality. A study also accompanies the series, developed by Trend Micro, on the future scenarios of cybersecurity and on the importance of protecting yourself in time.