Cybersecurity, Cirielli: “Russian aggression in Ukraine is the tip of the iceberg of world change”

The deputy minister: “International cooperation remains a challenge that in the Western world must be faced with intelligence, pragmatism and medium-long term coherence”


“Today the Russian aggression in Ukraine represents the tip of an iceberg of a world that has changed, a world in which the optimism that globalization and the diffusion of technology would have made the air of democracy expand, the air of rights, the rule of law, has collapsed miserably, today no one can deny it”. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Edmondo Cirielli, speaking at ‘CyberSec 2023, New Domains, Hybrid Wars and Cooperation’. “The war that Russia has waged, one of the 5 countries that have veto rights in the UN Security Council, has essentially destroyed the order that the Second World War had established, i.e. the general principle that relations between states cannot be regulated by force – added Cirielli – It is clear that everything that starts from that date a year ago has meant that today we are in a completely different world with which we have to deal”. “Today well over half of the planet is governed by totalitarian states and well over half of the population lives without democracy and is spied on in a significant way, thanks also to cyber technologies, these totalitarian states first of all use these technologies to compress freedoms in their nations,” Cirielli said.

“The Foreign Ministry is aware of its responsibilities but I am convinced the government is also absolutely aware of the centrality of the cyber sector”, he said. “International cooperation remains a challenge which in the Western sphere must be faced with intelligence, pragmatism and consistency of medium-long term”, added Cirielli, highlighting the need for a “Western dominance of the technological field”.

“It is clear that the whole Cyber ​​world represents an immense challenge, such as that of technological progress, we know that thanks to this specific scientific field we can implement a whole series of scientific and technological research related to mechanics, aerospace, electronics, and so on,” he said. “There is a great economic challenge precisely because we live in front of a world that is more dangerous for hybrid and asymmetric attacks – added Cirielli – It is evident that not only is there a question of data protection for private companies, but there is it is a logical protection issue that concerns the entire public sector from the public sector more connected to defence, therefore particularly sensitive to that connected to the overall functioning of the state”.