Cybersecurity, hacker attacks on the energy sector increase

The alarm of the experts: between June and July, cyber threats grew by + 33%. Among the causes, the attractiveness of the sector and the high media echo. Watch the video

In the past few hours, the images of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Danish sea have gone around the world. Deliberate attacks aimed at targeting energy sources. “They are tangible images, under the eyes of all, and delimit a perimeter”, explains Lorenzo Asuni, Chief Marketing Officer Ermes, cybersecurity expert. What we do not see, however, are the cyber threats to companies operating in the energy sector, submerged in the sea of ​​the dark web and hacking. According to the expert, in the period between June and July 2022 alone, cyber attacks against the world of energy increased by 33%. Why is the phenomenon growing so fast? Among the reasons, there is the attractiveness of the sector: after the war in Ukraine, energy supply companies are very profitable. Then, not secondary, there is the high media echo that revolves around the energy at this moment. The combination of these factors is “breeding ground for hackers”.

The episode

In today’s episode of Sky TG24 Business (review it here), there is also space for interventions to be taken to mitigate the expensive bills with Gianclaudio Torlizzi, founder of T-Commodity. There is also space for the usual point on market trends with Vincenzo Longo, IG strategist and the effects of the ECB’s policies on mortgages with Guido Bertolino of