Cybersecurity, Leonardo celebrates the ‘Cyber ​​Game Award Ceremony’ at Expo Dubai

Tests of defense against attacks between technologists and students. Baldoni: “More pervasive threats with digital transformation”. HE Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti: “Our commitment strengthened by Leonardo and the University”. Prophet: “The Cyber ​​& Security Academy will soon start”

While digital transformation also increases cyber attacks, Leonardo shines a light on cyber security with the Cyber ​​Game Award. On the stage of the Italian Pavilion, at Expo 2020 Dubaiour aerospace and cybersecurity tech giant has promoted a debate on the importance of the systemic approach and training to face the challenges of cyber security. The Cyber ​​Game was “a real practical exercise” which involved cyber security professionals of strategic Italian and Emirati infrastructures, universities and representatives of the research world of the two countries. Sponsored by the Cyber ​​Security Council of the United Arab Emirates, the meeting promoted by Leonardo also represented an opportunity to discuss the challenges of cyberspace with prestigious experts such as Professor Roberto Baldoni, Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency, HE Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber ​​Security at the Government of the United Arab Emirates, Marwan Alzarouni, director of the Information Services Office, at the Dubai Electronic Security Center (Desc), as well as Tommaso Profeta, managing director of Leonardo’s Cyber ​​Security Division. At the center of the event, the experience of a Cyber ​​Game, organized and managed by Leonardo, the Italian reference partner of institutions and companies for the security of digital ecosystems and the resilience of strategic assets. Using Leonardo’s Cyber ​​Range platform, which virtually reproduced a computer network of an industrial infrastructure, cyber security operators and students tested themselves trying to defend themselves from a simulated cyber attack. The four teams of ‘defenders’ involved experts from the Italian company Maire Tecnimont, from Emirates Steel and Emirates Nuclear Energy (Enec), from the universities of the Emirates Khalifa University and United Arab Emirates University, and TeamItaly – the Italian CyberDefender team of the National Consortium Interuniversity for Informatics (Cini). “The digital transformation is generating new cyber threats that are becoming more and more pervasive and ubiquitous, targeting both individuals and organizations around the world ” indicated the director general of the National Cybersecurity Agency, Roberto Baldoni. To “prevent, mitigate and respond quickly to these threats, qualified personnel and international cooperation are essential and that is why I welcome today’s initiative,” he added. “Leonardo’s Cyber ​​Game, in which distinguished partners from the United Arab Emirates and Italy took part, is exactly at the center of this process. The involvement of students is also fundamental to train a new generation of people capable of making in the face of the threats we face “, remarked Baldoni, one of the leading Italian experts on the international computer security level.

Cutting-edge technologies and procedures, “although necessary, are not sufficient to guarantee cyber security” because “the human element is fundamental and training continues of all the actors involved in national security is essential to recognize and deal with the risks “he said from the stage of the Italian Pavilion Tommaso Profeta, managing director of Leonardo’s Cyber ​​Security Division. “For this reason – he continued – Leonardo has developed dedicated platforms to train security operators and test digital infrastructures”. Profeta also announced that “Leonardo will soon inaugurate its Cyber ​​& Security Academy, a high-level training center on security issues that will exploit the company’s distinctive ability to operate in the main critical domains in the civil and military fields”. HE Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, head of Cyber ​​Security of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, also spoke at the Leonardo event. “We are happy to sponsor the Leonardo Cyber ​​Game awards ceremony at Expo 2020 Dubai. Training and international collaboration – he said – are both fundamental for the cyber resilience of countries and strategic infrastructures”.

Leonardo remembered to be “constantly committed to disseminating a solid culture of security at the national and supranational level”, both among sector operators and among young people. A commitment, he noted, “which also aims to promote scientific citizenship, one of the pillars of Leonardo’s sustainability plan to bring value not only to the company but also to citizens and the territories in which it operates”. But the challenge at the Italian Pavilion also offered Italian and Emirati stakeholders the opportunity to learn, discuss and share experiences in a sector, that of cyber security, which is becoming of fundamental importance for countries and citizens all over the world. Is exactly Leonardo’s Cyber ​​Range system has already been chosen by the Qatar Computing Research Institute for the training of cyber security operators and for assessing the resilience of digital infrastructures with respect to potential cyber attacks. And it is just one of the international successes achieved by the Italian giant which, in the field of cyber security, it has over 5,000 networks and 70,000 cyber-protected users by the company in 130 countries. Among the most important cyber security contracts, Leonardo that counts with the Communication and Information Agency of NATO, the European Space Agency has also chosen the Italian Leonardo to guarantee the cyber protection of all space assets. Furthermore, the technologies of Leonardo – which has a branch in Abu Dhabi – have been contributing to the security of the United Arab Emirates for over fifty years. These include more than 100 helicopters, training aircraft, naval systems, secure communications solutions, and space technologies.