Cybersecurity, Macchi (Accenture Italia): “Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence drivers of the future”

The CEO at Cybertech Europe: “Cyber ​​security is increasingly a central topic on the agenda of corporate decision makers and public authorities”

They are “the Cloud, the Data and theArtificial intelligence future driver”. It was Mauro Macchi, president and CEO of Accenture Italyto underline it in the frame of Cybertech Europe reached its last day, in Rome. “There cybersecurity – observed the CEO – it is increasingly a central theme on the agenda of corporate decision-makers and public authorities, because we are witnessing a phase of strong technological acceleration, with a multiplier effect that derives from the scale-up of multiple innovative components” .

“I am referring in particular – observed Macchi – to three technologies that constitute the so-called digital core of a company and a country: Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence, which are the drivers of the creation of future value”. The manager recalled that “in recent years, important progress has been made in investments and organization in terms of cybersecurity, but the goal of achieving full cyber resilience of the business is still far away”.

Therefore, Macchi continued, “all interested parties, public and private, must focus on developing a new culture of IT security, because it is a topic that cannot ignore a governance that directs resources in this direction”. For this reason, the CEO of Accenture Italia believes “it is important that the cybertech ecosystem must help companies – and the country – to develop this culture”. “It is not an easy task, which requires vision and human capital, strong skills and experience gained in the field, knowledge of the most advanced technologies and great design and implementation capacity” he added.

Macchi also noted that “within the Pnrr, the item explicitly dedicated to cybersecurity has as its objective the strengthening of the national digital ecosystem through the strengthening of cyber threat monitoring and management activities. It is therefore clear that the noble aim of intervention is that of resilience, that is, protecting the country from cyber attacks in a ‘preventive and reactive’ way”.

The president and CEO of Accenture Italia also argued that “it consequently appears logical and necessary to combine the achievement of adequate cyber resilience with the proactive protection of the security of the user experience. All this leads to the creation of a new model in which the citizen is at the center of the digital experience that develops day after day”.

“And we must not forget how Italy is the first country at EU level in terms of number of digital identities profiled and trust services activated, demonstrating that it can be a locomotive for pioneering developments on some security services that revolve around the experience of the individual , what we call the customer journey” added Macchi.