Cybersecurity, Mulè: “Priority theme, a union between public and private”

“Cyber ​​security is an issue of absolute importance for Italy. Security understood as the country’s ability to protect its fundamental infrastructures. Here, in this Navy barracks, the union between the public and private sectors is created in an extraordinarily effective way. The Deas, ‘Defense and systems analysis’, is an excellence in its field that guarantees an effective and prospective implementation for the Defense sector “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Defense Giorgio Mulè on a visit to the Deas Advanced Defense Center cyber at the Sant’Alessandro Navy base in Rome.

“This young and dynamic company, thanks to its know-how and research, ensures the capabilities necessary for the armed forces to protect themselves and project in the near future the possibility of training and certifying those who need to protect themselves – he continued – it is the State to protect oneself. Here, the State, the government and the Defense demonstrate that they are able to protect themselves in the best possible way by combining the best military and civilian energies “.

This is a concrete example of public-private collaboration in the cyber security sector. The structure also houses the Safety Assessment Laboratory (LVS) of Deas – Defense and Analysis Sistemi Spa, one of the few in Italy accredited by the IT Security Certification Body (OCSI) and the only one housed in a military structure. . The center provides unique growth paths in the field of cybersecurity and Ia with staff training and systems evaluation and analysis.