Cybersecurity, Pennasilico (Clusit): “Attack by a criminal gang, about twenty victims in Italy”

“There is a criminal gang that is exploiting a 2021 vulnerability to carry out a ransomware campaign and this campaign has affected around 2,000 organizations, around twenty in Italy”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Alessio Pennasilico, member of the scientific committee of Clusit, the Italian Association for IT Security, in the aftermath of the massive hacker attack on which the National Cybersecurity Agency launched the alert, underlining that the targets are subject which “have servers, therefore, not private citizens, but public companies, companies from SMEs to multinationals, small and large public administrations”.

“Clearly if relevant bodies in terms of services were to be affected, such as banks or insurance companies, citizens would suffer damage in being able to use those services”, explains Pennasilico, underlining that “at the moment there is no evidence that behind what happened state actors”.

To protect themselves, “the simplest thing is to update and ensure that that type of server is not exposed on the internet”, specifies the member of the Clusit scientific committee, according to whom those who cannot update should “configure filters that prevent the vulnerable service from being reached”. Pennasilico, who applauds the commendable work of Acn, underlines that the hacker attack “should not be related to Tim’s disservices, a problem that has been resolved and has nothing to do with the attack “.