Cybersecurity: the expert Razzante, ‘lack of updates and attention causes vulnerabilities’

“First of all, I am concerned about the ease with which certain systems and servers, which must have already been armored and prepared for these attacks, were easily targeted. These servers, which had already been exploited for other attacks in the past, as Acn tells us and other expert colleagues, have not been updated. The lack of updates and attention to one’s IT systems is the main cause of vulnerability to cyber attacks also in our country”. This was stated to Adnkronos by professor Ranieri Razzante, an expert in cybersecurity, in the aftermath of the massive hacker attack that also hit Italy.

“There is still too much carelessness and neglect with respect to the protected legal asset – continues Razzante, professor of cybersecurity techniques at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples – These are attacks that can also hurt physically because if they hit state structures such as barracks, hospitals, railways, defence, can cause harm to people”.

“It strikes me in a negative way that it was so easy to launch a worldwide attack: I don’t think it necessarily related to the war in Russia or to the anarchists, but we must be frightened by how easily one can connect to an operations center and blow up a site of a critical infrastructure – he underlines – The big problem is the punishment and the use of defense systems that must also be prepared against cyber attacks because it is a war from which we must defend ourselves with the tools, the means suitable and specular to those of traditional and field warfare”. “Now it would be interesting to know who paid the ransom because it could constitute a trace for the investigators”, concludes Razzante.