Cyclone over Italy, strong winds and thunderstorms but improves over the weekend

The weather forecast until Sunday 21 August

Storms, hail, hurricane winds, lightning, heat up to 44 ° C, storm surges, tornadoes: a crazy weather report these days, which reminds us how climate change is already a reality. The too high temperatures of the crazy summer 2022 caused this disastrous scenario: here is the umpteenth heat wave, the Italian sea boiling up to 30 ° C, the stormy supercells and the impetuous winds like in tropical areas, in areas hit by hurricanes. And Italy also mourns its victims because of the energy of the showers: the downburst wind, associated with the most intense thunderstorms, has also reached 150 km / h in Tuscany and other areas of the Center-North, including numerous uprooted trees and uprooted roofs.

It is alarming: the Italian climate is slowly tropicalizing, as widely predicted by the research of the last decades. Temperatures will gradually rise again due to anthropogenic pollution, the sea will warm up above 30 ° C, the rains will be less frequent and more and more violent: as in the Tropics, will Italy have a rainy season alternating with a dry one? Will we be ruled by monsoon rains? Will hurricanes also become the norm in the Mediterranean? We have not yet reached that point but the weather episodes of the last 24 hours are launching another alarm bell.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site, confirms the attention to intense phenomena still going on all day today in the Center-North: very strong thunderstorms are expected due to the energy involved. The warm sea, triggered by the arrival of cold air at high altitude, will release a lot of steam and energy that will fuel the storms. Thunderstorms, also discharging on land, will cause impetuous gusts, called downbursts, and the long circle of crazy climate will dramatically close: warm sea, potential energy, violent storms, impetuous storm winds. And it all comes from the high temperatures of the last 3 months and therefore also from global warming.

This ‘Atlantic Cyclone in the Heart of Summer’ will be remembered for the damage and violence, but also for the exceptional temperatures in the South where even today we will touch 41-42 ° C in the shade in Calabria and Sicily.

Improvement on the horizon: the end of this tropical-like phase is expected over the weekend, the cyclone over central-northern Italy will move towards the Balkans with weak unstable currents towards the South. In the Center-North we will pass from bad autumn weather to sunny conditions with acceptable temperatures but, as mentioned, caution in the next few hours.


Friday 19. In the North: still bad weather. In the Center: scattered thunderstorms, even intense ones. In the South: local showers on the Gargano and in Campania.

Saturday 20. In the North: good weather except for local thickening in the North-East. In the Center: good weather. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and locally Sicily.

Sunday 21. In the North: good weather. In the Center: good weather except for clouds between Eastern Liguria and Upper Tuscany. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and locally Sicily.

Trend. From Monday recovery of the anticyclone in the Center-North, frequent afternoon thunderstorms in the South.