Cyclone Thor over Italy, 10 more days with snow and stormy winds

The most intense nucleus of snowfall is expected in Emilia where there could be other accumulations on the floor of 10-15 cm

Cyclone Thor until the end of the month: a large depression area has formed in the heart of the Mediterranean and will bring cWinter conditions on several occasions over most of Italy. Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the website, indicates in the vast Mediterranean depression area the engine of the weather for the next few days: in practice this baric gap will attract cold air, first from the North Atlantic and then from the Balkans. In contact with the waters of the Mediterranean, still mild and 3°C warmer than normal, the cold air will cause subsequent cyclonic deepening which will give rise to phases of extreme bad weather.

In detail, Cyclone Thor will rise in the next few hours from Central Italy towards the North, wrapping its winter coils again in the North-East with lots of snow in the lowlands between Lower Veneto, Emilia and Tuscany: the most intense nucleus of snowfall is expected in the afternoon in Emilia where there could be other accumulations on the floor of 10-15 cm, therefore pay attention. The snowfalls expected in the Lower Veneto are also significant, but of less intensity, and those at low altitudes in the hills of Tuscany where a few flakes could flutter up to the plains.

On Friday, the vast depression area will still govern the Italian weather by sucking in, i.e. recalling, maritime polar air from the North Atlantic: in practice, the descent of this air mass from the North-West could bring low-level snowfalls to Sardinia and then digging a very deep cyclone on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea. Storm gusts between Sicily and Calabria are feared at the moment with peaks of 150 km/h, if not even higher. A black Friday, but also white for the snow that is expected in the southern Apennines, abundant and up to 400 meters above sea level.

The weekend, conditioned by the passage of this stormy vortex, could still be characterized by wind in the South and by precipitation, then rising towards the Adriatic regions: at the moment it seems that on Saturday a lot of snow could still fall close to the Apennine ridge from 100 meters from the Marche up to 350 meters in Calabria; for Sunday the white lady could descend to low hill altitudes also on Sicily in a cold and winter context on all of Italy.

With the start of the new week, and this is obviously a trend, the vast Mediterranean depression area could then attract cold air from the Balkans, favoring a new deterioration from the Bora gate towards Triveneto, Emilia Romagna and the Adriatic side, with new snowfalls in the Po Valley after an all in all decent weekend in the north. A very eventful weather, at times extreme: the weak and flat weather of the African anticyclone that had ruled us for about twenty days just before the winter solstice is over.


Thursday 19. In the north: snow in the plains in Emilia, Lombardy and Veneto. In the centre: snow on the hills especially in Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria and Sardinia. In the south: rains on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Friday 20. In the north: snow in Emilia Romagna also in the plains then improves, variable elsewhere with clear spells in the west. In the centre: bad weather in Sardinia, Lazio and the Adriatic with snow at very low altitudes. In the south: widespread bad weather with snow at hilly altitudes and lots of wind.

Saturday 21st. In the north: dry, but with clouds and colder. In the middle: bad weather on the Adriatic with snow at low altitude. In the south: bad weather and snow on the hills.

Trend. Sunday compromised in the South and on the Adriatic regions by a cyclonic top, still a lot of snow on the hills. Possible new snow worsening in the North on Monday.