“Dad used to come to the dressing room to ask me for money”: the bitter backstory of the famous character

A famous and beloved character told a bitter background: “Dad used to come to the dressing room to ask me for money”

Idol and icon of Italian cabaret. The success obtained since the 90s has led him to be today, at the age of 77, one of the most beloved faces of the show on our screens.

Famous character, bitter background (Credits: Youtube)

He first made his debut as a singer at a young age when as a teenager he began to perform in Milanese clubs. At the age of 20 he then signed the first recording contract. But it is in the guise of a stand-up comedian that the boundless success has arrived that has made her face and her name famous in front of the camera. His is in fact a face that has flanked, starting from the primordial beginnings, famous personalities in the world of Italian television. Among other things, he was one of the conductors of the Sanremo Festival. Precisely he conducted the fiftieth edition of the Italian Music Festival. Over the years, he has certainly gained more and more notoriety, but today after a while he has retired from the television circuits. However, being a character of a certain thickness on the Italian television scene, one cannot remain indifferent to the background that has affected his life. Here’s what the famous TV personality said.

The famous character tells the bitter background

It aroused the laughter of the public who, from the beginning of television, became fond of the character and the artist. Teo Teocoli is certainly one of the beloved television characters to have distinguished himself for his outstanding career.

Comedian and stand-up comedian, but also actor and singer and obviously the role of television host is not missing from the list. In short, a multifaceted character who has literally conquered us over the years of his career. A personality certainly with very particular traits. She brought a smile to the television scene, but there was no shortage of bitterness in her life.

Interviewed by Corriere della Serathe former stand-up comedian told alas a bitter background which in some way characterized his life. After recounting the first years of life and the first years lived in Milan after moving at a young age with his family, the former TV presenter went through a series of memories that still live in his memory today.

He had a not always easy past with his father figure and during those years in the Lombard capital Teo Teocoli said: “Mom sewed in the tailor’s shop. Dad didn’t work and never saw him, better because when he arrived he beat me badly, the classic father-boss“, He said. And then, in adulthood came the years of success.

bitter character behind the scenes
Teo Teocoli, bitter background (Credits: Instagram)

Dad often came to the theater, especially the dressing room, to ask me for money. And I ready, I satisfied her. He was still my father“Said the famous character.