Daddy Yankee: knows the “curse” that persecutes the King of Reggaeton

Recent events in the World Baseball Classic have led sports fans to talk about an alleged “curse” carried by the singer. Daddy Yankee. Every team he has supported in this edition of the championship is said to have lost, leading many to wonder if the artist is a bad luck charm.

Since the quarterfinal phase, daddy yankee he has publicly supported different teams in World Baseball Classic games. Interestingly, all the teams he has supported have lost in the rounds they were in, which has raised concerns among fans who believe in superstitions.

The first team to receive the singer’s support was Puerto Rico, his country of origin, in the match against Mexico in the quarterfinals. daddy yankee attended the stadium to support the Puerto Ricans, but Mexico ended up winning the match 5-4. Later, in the same round, he decided to support Venezuela against the United States. However, the South Americans were defeated in this match.

Finally, in the semifinal phase, daddy yankee supported Mexico and arrived at the stadium carrying the flag on their backs. Despite his unconditional support, Mexico lost to Japan, the team that would ultimately play the championship final against the United States.

Although daddy yankee hasn’t revealed which team he’ll root for in the World Baseball Classic final, superstitious fans don’t want the artist to root for them for fear his bad luck will get to them. Despite the joke, the “curse” has no scientific basis and is just a random event that has led fans to have fun on social media. In any case, the championship final will be an exciting event for fans of the sport around the world.