Daddy Yankee’s daughter shows that pink eyebrows will be all the rage this season

Daddy Yankee is the most important Latin singer of recent times and it is because ‘The Big Boss’ is one of the pioneers of the urban genre in the world and is considered the king of reggaeton. The Puerto Rican singer is living his farewell to the world of music and he is doing it accompanied by his family. The one who imposes a trend is one of his daughters, Jesaaelys Ayala González who has thousands of followers on her social networks and also sets a trend in the world of fashion. In the last few hours, she showed off her pink eyebrows that will be all the rage this season.

Jesaaelys González is 26 years old and unlike her father, she is a prominent businesswoman and influencer and did not dedicate herself to music. She has been the young woman who has expressed how she lost 50 kilos to become one of the most beautiful women of all. The daughter of daddy yankee He confessed that he was overweight and that he had to follow a strict diet and accompany it with an exercise routine. After her radical change, she is in charge of giving motivating messages regarding healthy eating.

Jesaaelys González is the daughter of Daddy Yankee. Source Instagram @jesaaelys

The daughter of daddy yankee She is the second of three brothers and stands out for her activity on TikTok and for being a prominent businesswoman. In addition, she is a specialist in aesthetics, due to the fact that she completed a cosmetology course and that is why she has her own line of beauty articles, where she even shares makeup routines on her Instagram where she has more than a million and average followers.

Daddy Yankee’s daughter is a benchmark in the world of fashion. Source Instagram @jesaaelys

In the last few hours jesaaelys gonzalez joined the new trend in pink eyebrows that Tini Stoessel began to use and that has become a rage in the world of fashion. This new trend of coloring the eyebrows has become all the rage on TikTok and first of all you have to bleach the eyebrows and for that you need a very light runner and let them dry for a few minutes. The next step is to use a pink eye shadow.

The pink eyebrows of Daddy Yankee’s daughter. Source Instagram @jesaaelys

So you can paint your eyebrows like Tini or the daughter of daddy yankee you can use cream eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow, pencil eyeshadow, blush and also a brow gel. This is the new trend in the world of fashion used by the main artists and influencers.

Tini Stoessel set the trend for pink eyebrows. Source Instagram @tinistoessel