Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship ONLY GETS WORSE in the future of HOTD

Daemon and Rhaenyra’s romance becomes even more difficult in the season 1 finale of House of the Dragon, and the couple continues to drift apart throughout Dance of the Dragons.

While the Targaryen uncle and niece began their marriage after a decade of falling in love, intermarriage, and the birth of several children, Rhaenyra and Daemon seemed to be one of the few House of Dragon couples bound by both love and politics. .

However, House of the Dragon season 1, episode 10 shows Daemon strangling Rhaenyra in his anger and pain, which shows a completely different side of their romance.

Despite looking like the best-matched couple in House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra and Daemon’s marriage continues to take a turn for the worse in the Targaryen civil war.

If the accounts of the narrators in George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood are accurate, then Daemon will trick Rhaenyra with two major characters in House of the Dragon.

Also, while the two remain married and rule together, Daemon and Rhaenyra will spend much of the war apart, and Fire & Blood suggests that Rhaenyra doesn’t care much for his absence or his flirtations.

Daemon and Rhaenyra remain the most prominent couple in House of the Dragon’s future, but their romance reflects the increasingly gray nature of the characters’ morality.

Why Daemon cheats on Rhaenyra in the future of HOTD

The unpredictable Daemon has always been someone who seeks excitement, and the character is quickly bored in what he may perceive as monotony.

As such, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Daemon would walk away from his marriage to find pleasures with women like Mysaria, aka White Worm.

Mysaria was Daemon’s first romantic interest in House of the Dragon season 1, and now that she runs the most prominent spy ring in King’s Landing, she will be important to the political strategy of Rhaenyra and Daemon’s Black party.

As Daemon works with Mysaria to get revenge on the Greens and discover their secrets, they too will fall back into their old ways as lovers.

Fire & Blood also suggests that Daemon is having an affair with Nettles, the future character from House of the Dragona 17-year-old bastard who claims the Sheepstealer dragon for the Blacks.

Rhaenyra sends Daemon and Nettles to the Trident together to find Aemond and Vhagar, and the pair are rumored to have started an affair while in Maidenpool.

Mysaria even tells Rhaenyra that the Daemon has taken Nettles as a lover, and the Queen angrily replies that he would not take a low-born girl without dragon blood into his bed.

While another source debunks their affair and claims Daemon merely treated Nettles like a daughter, the dragonrider was likely impressed with her courage, similar to why he fell in love with Rhaenyra.

Why is Daemon barely with Rhaenyra during the dance of the dragons?

While Rhaenyra rules on her throne, be it Dragonstone or King’s Landing, Daemon will primarily fly Caraxes into battle, searching for enemies or taking castles for the Black.

While Rhaenyra will remain in Dragonstone, Daemon will soon be making his way to Harrenhal in House of the Dragon season 2, where he will remain for some time to maintain control of the Riverlands.

According to Fire & Blood, Daemon stays in the castle until he learns that Aemond Targaryen and Criston Cole left the capital to march on Harrenhal, giving himself, Rhaenyra, and the Black dragonriders the chance to seize King’s Landing.

After Rhaenyra seizes the Iron Throne, she sends Daemon and Nettles to the Trident to find Aemond and Vhagar, and Daemon spends much of his time in the Maidenpool with the young dragonrider.

After Rhaenyra orders Nettles’ death due to his affair with Daemon and the betrayal of the other dragonseeds, Daemon flees Maidenpool for Harrenhal, where he intends to duel his nephew Aemond Targaryen.

Realizing that his chances of survival are low, Daemon still fights Aemond as both the Targaryens and their dragons perish in the conflict.

Other than their meeting in King’s Landing, Daemon and Rhaenyra will hardly be together before their deaths in the House of the Dragon future.