Dakota Johnson recalls a devastating experience on set with Johnny Depp

Depp, who recently won a libel lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, was one of the leads in the film alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, according to IMDb. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnson discussed working with Depp for the film and his friendship behind the scenes.

“I knew Johnny Depp from my childhood. He was a friend of my father,” Johnson revealed. “It was a true honor and pleasure to work alongside someone [Depp] who is…so talented.”

While promoting “Black Mass,” Johnson seemed to notice that something was wrong with Depp’s finger, later testifying during the libel trial that it was Heard’s fault. He cut her finger after she threw two bottles of vodka at him, according to Page Six. However, at the time, he seemed to be joking about the injury when Johnson asked him about it. During his “Black Mass” press conference, Johnson was visibly suspicious, but didn’t press the actor. The clip later resurfaced and went viral on TikTok following Depp’s testimony about the incident at the trial. Now, Johnson is talking about a devastating experience he had in Depp’s presence on the set of “Black Mass.”

Dakota Johnson was emotional with Johnny Depp

Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp spent a lot of time together while filming the 2015 movie “Black Mass.” During a recent video interview with Vanity Fairrecalled one of the most devastating moments of his career involving Depp.

While filming an intense scene in “Black Mass”, the duo got the perfect emotional shot. Unfortunately, the team had to tell them that the clip was out of focus and they had no choice but to do it again.

“It was a heavy, heavy experience. So we were shooting this scene and they did my take first. We did a lot of it,” he continued, “I think you start to go numb, you dry out…certain preparations that you do or an actor does to get there to a place of heightened emotions.

He explained that he was “shaking and crying” as Depp filmed his part of the scene, but something changed when they had to reshoot the scene. “That’s one of the most devastating moments I’ve ever had on a film set…because it wasn’t the same when we came back.”

Despite reshooting that particular scene, the movie was successful with Depp and Johnson promoting it across the country in 2015.

As for her concern for Depp at the time, Johnson told Vanity Fair her thoughts on being tied to his drama with Amber Heard years later: “Why am I in this?”