Dal Fabbro: “Iren strongly believes in energy communities”

“The twelve challenges that we propose, and that today we will discuss together with students, scholars, professors and authorities, are focused on social impact, energy and the environment and are our way of marking a new beginning.” She said it Luca Dal Fabbro, president of Irenon the sidelines of the “Esg Challenge Iren 2023”, the international event held in Genoa, during which the challenges deemed most urgent and strategic to support sustainable development in 2023 were presented.

“After these difficult years – continued Del Fabbro – there is a need to relaunch energy and environmental policy, basing it on common sense, energy communities, streamlined regulations and collaboration between institutions and companies. Iren strongly believes in energy communities, since they embrace a series of fundamental needs, such as sustainability, independence, security deriving from producing energy on site, competitiveness and cost savings”.

“To achieve these objectives – added Dal Fabbro – we believe it is essential to establish a dialogue that involves all the parties involved, including young scholars. The relaunch of the country and its energy and environmental policy passes through our young people. For this reason we wanted to select the young people who presented the 10 best studies on environmental, social impact and governance issues. To discuss these issues – concluded the president of Iren – we want to bring together many scholars in Genoa every year so that this city becomes a discussion platform for sustainability for the whole Mediterranean”.