Dallas, crash between two World War II planes during airshow: 6 people on board

Tragedy during a show of historic aircraft in Dallas, Texas. Two WWII planes collided in flight during Wings Over Dallas and were completely destroyed. They are an air giant, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra. The causes of the plane crash have yet to be clarified. Leah Block, spokesperson for the Commemorative Air Force, spoke of six people aboard the two aircraft, five crew members on the B-17 and one in command of the P-63. Their fate is not yet known and it is not known whether there are victims among the audience at the airshow or among the workers on the ground.

The videos of the crash spread on social networks

It was an exhibition of military aircraft from the 1940s, organized as part of the long holiday weekend. The program included a parade of bombers, including the B-17, followed by escort fighters, the P-63 in fact. The impact with the Bell P-63 KingCobra fighter occurred at 13:20 local time. Various witnesses have uploaded the impressive videos of the accident to social networks, in one of which is seen an aircraft, probably the B-17, which appears to crash before crashing to the ground and igniting a fire. The debris from the planes fell on a nearby highway, which had to be closed after the accident. The B-17 was part of the Air Force Commemorative collection, nicknamed “Texas Raiders”, and was one of nine aircraft of this type still in existence in flying condition. According to CNN, the P-63 would be even rarer: only four of the fourteen surviving specimens are capable of flying, one owned by the Memorial Air Force.