Damiano Carrara and Chiara on their honeymoon: have you seen where they are? Creepy images

After their wedding, Damiano Carrara and Chiara left for their honeymoon: have you seen where they are? Creepy images!

A little less than a month has passed since their yes, but only now Damiano Carrara and the beautiful Chiara have chosen to leave for their honeymoon. Taking advantage, most likely, of the summer period and her holidays, the young married couple left for her honeymoon.

Damiano and Chiara. Credits: Instagram

As well as for Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto, which in the alleys of Ischia has absolutely not gone unnoticed for a very particular detail, also Damiano Carrara and Chiara are enjoying their honeymoon. Having left during this last weekend, the young married couple traveled for many hours, but in the end they arrived in a truly dream place.

Unlike Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who preferred to enjoy their honeymoon away from social media but not far from ‘prying eyes’, Damiano and Chiara cannot help but share the images of their honeymoon with their supporters. . On the other hand, the relationship that the beloved couple on Italian TV has with their audience is truly special! What, however, we ask you now is: are you curious to know what is the destination that the two lovebirds have chosen for this first trip as a husband and wife?

Damiano Carrara and Chiara on their honeymoon: you will be enchanted by the place

There honeymoon it is something that a newly married couple will never forget in life, it is well known. It is precisely for this reason that Damiano Carrara and Chiara they have chosen a truly dream place as their destination for their honeymoon. It is a real adventure, which the two lovebirds cannot help but tell their beloved audience. From the start to the entire itinerary, the Bake Off judge loves to share every stage of this fantastic journey. Are you wondering where they went too? Very well, we’ll take care of telling you everything!

In these last hours, Damiano and Chiara have shared images directly from Botswana, a country in Africa. According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the village is completely devoid of access to the sea and that it is an excellent habitat for wild animals. In fact, scrolling through his latest IG stories and Instagram posts we saw the wonder of nature. Between hippos, lions and cheetahs, the shared images are truly creepy.

damiano honeymoon
IG story Damiano. Credits: Instagram

A journey, therefore, completely dedicated to adventure, that of Damiano and Chiara, which will surely be exciting and unforgettable for the couple.