Dance, Abbagnato applauds Sangiuliano on the restoration of dance troupes Foundations

Next to her also Luciano Cannito, Vladimir Derevianko, Beppe Menegatti. The superintendent of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Francesco Giambrone: “Adequate resources are needed and above all, in a logic of revision of the criteria for assigning the Fus, rewarding criteria should be introduced for those who have a corps de ballet, not penalizing”.

From Eleonora Abbagnato to Vladimir Derevianko, the great dance applauds the announcement of the Minister of Culture: to work on the restoration of the corps de ballet within the lyric-symphonic Foundation. Once there were 14, today they have been reduced to 4. “Extraordinary news from Minister Sangiuliano to restore ballet companies in opera companies. It will have a knock-on effect in the sector, greater competitiveness, raising the quality of dancers, work for young people all ‘inside an art that has been unjustly penalized over the years – declares to Adnkronos Beppe Menegatti, director, husband of Carla Fracci, with his wife dean of the direction of ballet companies in the lyric-symphonic foundations, from the Verona Arena to Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. “We could bring back to Italy, on our stages, wonderful talents in force in the major theaters of the world – adds Menegatti – A commendable proposal, that of the Minister of Culture, I repeat. It was my wife, Carla Fracci’s dream alongside that of creating, for the first time in our country, a national dance company that could circulate the excellence of Made in Italy dance. I have faith in the new Minister of Culture- he concludes- I hope that our dream can become reality”.

“I will meet Minister Sangiuliano very soon. Feeling that there is the political will to restore the corps de ballet in Italian opera companies is good for dance – intervenes Eleonora Abbagnato, former étoile of Palais Garnier and today at the helm of the corps de ballet of the Teatro dell ‘Opera di Roma – We could avoid the diaspora of many young Italian dancers in the major companies of the world. It also happens to me at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. The level of those who present themselves for auditions is often very high. But I have a organic plant to be respected and I cannot offer unlimited contracts”. And Eleonora Abbagnato still recalls: “The ballet companies of the theaters of Florence, Verona, and before that of Genoa and Trieste have closed. I happened to dance as a guest. It is absurd. You have to bet on the companies of the opera houses. Despite the “enormous work and effort – confesses the famous étoile – we have 70 permanent dancers in Rome. We are in everyone’s spotlight and the results can be seen. When I arrived in the capital, nothing was taken for granted”.

“The proposal to reopen the decommissioned ballet companies within the opera houses is excellent news. Thank you, Minister Sangiuliano. Reopening the ballet companies in Italian theaters means disseminating and encouraging culture in our cities of art – confesses Vladimir Derevianko, one of the stars of world ballet, formerly at the helm of the ballet company of the Dresden Opera Theater and of the Maggiodanza, the complex of the Florentine Maggio Musicale. “Recreating the corps de ballet, I repeat, means betting on culture, supporting an art which has always existed, since the dawn of time, and which in recent years has been halved, reset to zero. A disposable dance – continues the Russian-born artist – In many theaters no sowing has been done, no investments have been made and the results are there for all to see. Long live Minister Sangiuliano. If this is the beginning-he concludes-We are on the right track.

“Minister Sangiuliano’s recent announcement on the restoration of corps de ballet in opera companies is good. Discontinuity with the past, with an old, boring, stale vision of cultural politics. A position that undermines preconceptions and clichés” – explains Luciano Cannito at the helm of the Roma City Ballet Company, for years director of the ballet company of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. “All the great opera houses in Europe have important ballet companies – he adds – With Minister Sangiuliano, therefore, dance will have equal dignity with the other arts and our country will be able to continue working on excellence”.

The comment by the superintendent of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, Francesco Giambrone, president of Agis, former president of Anfols – National Association of Lyric-Symphonic Foundations, is more structured and full of food for thought. “The restoration of the corps de ballet within the lyric-symphonic Foundations is a theme that can no longer be avoided, much less delayed. Without dance, the offer of our theaters would be poorer. We hope we can get there, as soon as possible , to concrete acts, encouraging the Foundations to reopen their companies.The announcement by Minister Sangiuliano before the Culture Commissions of the Chamber and Senate is therefore positive news – he continues – But adequate resources are needed and above all, in a logic of revision of the criteria for assigning the Fondo Unico dello Spettacolo, rewarding criteria should be introduced for those who have a corps de ballet, not penalizing. The performances of an opera on the bill are worth, for example, almost double that of a ballet performance “.

Superintendent Francesco Giambrone then confesses that he has always been very lucky. “In my career I have led theaters that had dance bodies inside and I have always fought against them being closed – he recalls – A Foundation is great if it includes all its components, the orchestra, the choir and of course the dance. The body of dance gives greater strength to a theater, it ‘participates’ in a full, solid planning capacity. And then dance is an art that cuts across everyone. Giving dignity to dance – continues Giambrone – was Carla Fracci’s great battle, inherited now by Roberto Bolle, Alessandra Ferri, Eleonora Abbagnato”. Superintendent Giambrone launches a proposal. “The foundations that don’t have corps de ballet should use the companies of the other foundations for their programming. It would serve to make the corps de ballet dance more by making them tour”, he concludes.