Dance, Carola Puddu: “goodbye to friends, I’ll be Juliet with the BdR”

In the twentieth anniversary of the ballet signed by Fabrizio Monteverde, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ returns to the stage at the Olympic Theater in Rome, the first stage of a long Italian tour.

From Amici to the Ballet of Rome after graduating from the Paris Opera Academy, among triumphs, escapes, painful returns, defeated challenges. Carola Puddu will be the protagonist of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Fabrizio Monteverde, a cult ballet from the repertoire of the 20th century (350 replicas in Italy and around the world, 200,000 spectators), rearranged to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first staging. The debut at the Olympic Theater in Rome on 4 October (reruns until 8) and then continue, until March, in a long tour that will take him to the major Italian theaters.

Next to Carola Puddu in the role of Romeo Paolo Barbonaglia and the dancers of the BdR for a show that the director and choreographer wanted to set in a dark and dusty South, back from a war, on the threshold of a revolution. In a provincial and restless Italy, Juliet will be the sacrificial victim of a youthful and insane rebellion, she fleeing from an impossible love, from an imposed and suicidal condition of women. Carola Puddu did not hesitate for a moment to accept a new artistic bet, which came unexpectedly, during the final of Amici.

“Only dance gives meaning to my life – Carola Puddu told Adnkronos – When I dance I learn, I improve, I am happy. Unfortunately I had important physical problems in the past, I fled to Canada to distance myself, even territorially, from what had happened. I always thought that what may be apparently nefarious events can often turn into new beginnings, into extraordinary restarts “.

Happy to have reached Amici in the final. “Dancing for me is a certainty – he confesses – Anything can happen. I can be anywhere in the world, but I know that will never change. Of course, television is different from dance in the theater, you need a technical level and an artistic personality, maybe you are interested in TV. plus the story linked to a character. Yet it was a unique formative experience. Within the program conducted by Maria De Filippi we lived as in a bubble, without TV, without telephone – he adds – An existence lived as a sort of journey introspective, not without some stress, especially when you think that millions of viewers are watching you. But it’s positive, it gives you courage – he continues – At Amici I learned to manage anxiety, that healthy competition between colleagues, especially in the evening. all to Alessandra Celentano, a teacher, sincere, loyal, a rare teacher “.

Carola Poddu does not hide that she is a very loyal social media lover, which she uses sparingly, however, with over 300,000 followers. Has the concept of stardom changed from Nureyev to Baryshnikov? “Undoubtedly social networks are an important showcase, you have to be aware of it – replies the young twenty-two year old dancer – It’s a way to get in touch with your audience. I use them, but without exaggerating”.