Dance, Claudio Ronda rereads ‘Le Bal’ by Jean-Claude Penchenat in Rome

At the Teatro Lo Spazio on the bill on 7 and 8 December

In the beginning was Ettore Scola’s masterpiece ‘Dancing Ballando’, a ‘silent’ film set in a ballroom on the outskirts of Paris, which retraced 50 years of history, through as many songs, from Charles Trenet to Cosma. Super-awarded, super-decorated (5 David di Donatello, César Award for best film) it was inspired by ‘Le Bal’, the masterpiece by Jean-Claude Penchenat born for the Théatre du Campagnol, which now arrives in Rome at the Teatro Lo Spazio. On 7 and 8 December ‘Ballades’, the choreographic reinterpretation signed by Claudio Ronda for his company Fabula Saltica, will be on the bill.

It’s a Saturday evening, in a dance hall there are the usual customers. Broken hearts, couples in crisis, men and women who seem to flee life, prey to their melancholic loneliness, which only dance and the search for a partner seem to be able to soothe. ‘Ballades’ is the story of a universe that lives on the margins of society, complex, multifaceted, dotted with a heterogeneous chorus of stories, relationships, relationships that are established even and only through a dance step, the tune of a song in a dance like there’s no tomorrow.