Dance, the over 65s of Aterballetto in Paris with Preljocaj-Ouramdane

Debut on 15 February at the Théatre National de la Danse de Chaillot of ‘Un jour nouveau-Birthday Party’, the first leg of a long international tour which will see the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/ Aterballetto engaged until 2024

The première will be in Paris on February 15 at the Theater National de la Danse de Chaillot. The Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto returns to the French capital with ‘Un jour nouveau-Birthday Party’ which will feature a group of over 65 dancers interpreting two works created for the occasion by Angelin Preljocaj and Rachid Ouramdane. It repeats until 23 February to then continue with a long tour to Aix – en -Provence (2-3-4 March 2023, Pavillon Noir), Bologna (12 March 3, Arena del Sole), Reggio Emilia (4 November ), Milan (5-6 December), Trento (14-17 March 2024), Bolzano (21-24 March 2024).

“Two established choreographers, each with a precise figure, face in a creation the transformations of the body with age, the very concepts of beauty and virtuosity, the self-representation by each of us of our own age – says the general director and artist of the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto, Gigi Cristoforetti- Aging is not a problem for the actor, the writer or the visual artist, on the contrary, we often see the expressive palettes enriching. But in dance, which is language artistic and universal, will we perhaps be anchored (and limited) by the same conception of sports performativity? – asks Cristoforetti – More generally, the body that transforms over the years is a central theme in our society, and in the sensitivity of each of us we”.

According to Cristoforetti, “dance allows us to deepen a primarily artistic research. Angelin Preljocaj, the choreographer of visual beauty and narrative intensity, is not only looking for former dancers. He is also interested in the people for this project , capable of narrating and creating a new and intense movement. Rachid Ouramdane, on the other hand, incessantly seeks new expressive nuances and experiments the boundaries of the human body, reaching as far as the circus – he explains again – On this occasion his interest was naturally oriented towards music -hall, an extraordinary space for popular and cultured dance with a social dimension”.

Performers of ‘Un jour nouveau – Birthday Party’ ‘senior’ dancers and non-dancers (up to 80 years of age). This is the artistic heart of a large project that deals with a specific theme starting from the point of view of dance. To the proposal to create beyond certain boundaries, the two choreographers responded with the generosity, curiosity and intellectual energy that are their own. Unlike other important experiences, which wanted to prolong the career of groups of dancers, in this project the goal is poetic, and crystallizes truly universal questions. The central one is suggested to us by Preljocaj, ‘what is the age of a body?’. The show is the result of an international co-production and opens up to the dimension of research, workshops and meetings dedicated to the subject in question (adulthood), thanks to the scientific partner accompanying the project, the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation of Milan.