Dancing, Selvaggia Lucarelli and the “pitiful veil” on Teo Mammucari

Clash on broadcast, the juror dismisses the matter

“There is a pitiful veil to be drawn.” Selvaggia Lucarelli, late at night, archives the episode that involved her with Teo Mammucari on Dancing with the Stars. In the previous episodes of the Raiuno program, there was no shortage of heated back and forth between the juror and the competitor. In the November 18 episode, the situation degenerated with a clash fueled by the comedian’s words. Lucarelli took the blow, ultimately choosing to remain silent in front of the interlocutor’s words. The juror obtained the solidarity of Alberto Matano, Rossella Erra and Wanda Nara, who had words of comfort for the juror after the clash. At the end of the segment, Mammucari apologized for his behavior.

“We draw not a veil but a pitiful curtain,” says Lucarelli on Instagram. “I take this opportunity to thank Alberto Matano, Rosella Erra (who would have thought!) and Wanda Nara. She was very nice, she thought about my mood 3 seconds before starting to dance. Even Carolyn (Smith, ed) found it surprising.”