Dancing with the Stars, Codacons wants to count the votes of the final

Codacons wants to know all the results of the public votes on the final evening of Ballando

The Codacons on the dance floor after the final evening of Dancing with the Stars. The Raiuno program ended with the victory of Luisella Costamagna and Pasquale La Rocca, a couple revived after the journalist withdrew due to an ankle injury in the sixth episode. In second place the model and actor Alessandro Egger and the dancer Tove Villfor. The result, preceded in the broadcast by the critical positions taken by Selvaggia Lucarelli, was widely contested on social media.

The Codacons therefore decided to present a request to Rai to know all the results of the public votes collected through social networks. “In these hours, our intervention is being asked from many quarters on the case of votes for the competitors of the program on the occasion of the final broadcast yesterday -explains the Codacons- Selvaggia Lucarelli herself, judge of the competition, would have expressed doubts on her social networks about the regularity of the votes, with a reference to the ‘task force’ put in place by Rai to exclude irregular votes from fake profiles”.

“Without going into the merits of the final ranking of ‘Dancing with the stars’, we believe that protesting viewers have the right to maximum transparency – continues the consumer association – and in this perspective we will present a request to Rai aimed at obtaining all the data relating to the votes collected through social networks during the final evening”. Codacons does not fail to throw a dig at the juror Selvaggia Lucarelli, against whom the Consumers’ Association had raised the doubt of a conflict of interest due to the participation of her boyfriend in the race.

“The controversies raised in the last few hours by Selvaggia Lucarelli regarding the treatment reserved for her boyfriend, Lorenzo Biagiarelli, this year’s competitor in the race, and his outburst against the other jurors and the entire broadcast, however confirm the doubts raised in times do not suspect from Codacons about the appropriateness of his participation in ‘Dancing with the stars’, with the conflict of interest that has turned into a ‘war’ conflict between Lucarelli herself, the jury and the other members of the cast, demonstrating of how our perplexities were more than ever founded and correct”, concludes the association.