Dancing with the Stars, competing couples and ‘Dancers for a Night’: tonight’s episode

The dance show hosted by Milly Carlucci is at the halfway point

Turning point for ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the dance show hosted by Milly Carlucci broadcast tonight, Saturday 18 November, at 8.35pm on Rai 1. Once again the protagonists remaining in the competition, supported by their teachers, after the performance they will have to compare themselves with the votes of the jury in the studio, led by Carolyn Smith. Alongside her, Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni and Selvaggia Lucarelli. Then there is room for the judgment of the tribunes of the people: Rossella Erra, Simone Di Pasquale and Sara Di Vaira. They are entrusted with the task of rewarding the competitors penalized by the Jury of experts. The presence of Alberto Matano, host of ‘Vita in Diretta’ and custodian of the ‘treasure’, is unmissable. The audience at home also has a fundamental role, given that during the episode they will be able to vote for their favorite couple through the official social profiles of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The couples who will compete

These are the couples who will compete: Sara Croce – Luca Favilla; Antonio Caprarica – Maria Ermachkova; Rosanna Lambertucci – Simone Casula; Teo Mammucari – Anastasia Kuzmina; Carlotta Mantovan – Moreno Porcu; Paola Perego – Angelo Madonia; Lorenzo Tano – Lucrezia Lando; Giovanni Terzi – Giada Lini; Simona Ventura – Samuel Peron; Wanda Nara – Pasquale La Rocca.

As always, a couple could be eliminated at the end of the episode, but all of them, after a few weeks, will have the opportunity to return to the competition. The music is entrusted to the showman Paolo Belli accompanied as always by his Big Band. The songs, played strictly live, are rearranged and adapted by Luigi Saccà to the many dance styles.

Dancers for a night

‘Dancer for a night’ tonight will be Matteo Bocelli, son of Andrea Bocelli. The twenty-five-year-old singer is already a world star and was the protagonist of his own musical show entitled ‘A night with Matteo’. There were two dates in our country, in a world tour that has touched and will touch 12 countries. During the episode, Matteo Bocelli will dance together with Alessandra Tripoli and Filippo Zara and sing a song. Furthermore, the columnist Rossella Erra will take to the dance floor as ‘Ballerini per una notte’ accompanied by Simone Di Pasquale.

During the evening for the ‘Dancing with you’ tournament dedicated to ordinary people, the challenge will be held between the twenty-year-old Jhoele Giuffrida originally from Ferrara who already boasts numerous television experiences, from ‘The masked singer’ to ‘Best years’ and the dancer of hip-hop Anita Cimmino, originally from Racale. Anita has been studying since she was three years old and since then she has grown and perfected herself more and more by taking on important and prestigious competitions (‘Passion without limits’ – ‘UDance Ukraine’ – First place in the 2022 Italian championship).

Then connection with the Politeama Theater of Catanzaro for the performance of the dancing couple Anna Maria Biancu and Sergio Porta.

On Rai 1 at 2.00 pm, images of the scenic beauty of the Calabria region will accompany the performances of nine dancers in the episode of ‘Ballando on the Road’.