Dancing with the stars, hard blow: heavy absence in the program

Hard blow for all lovers of Dancing with the stars: for the next edition of the program, a very heavy absence is expected.

Among the many programs that will begin in the next television season, Dancing with the stars is among the most anticipated. Aired every Saturday evening, Milly Carlucci’s program will continue to keep her beloved audience company in the middle of autumn, giving them amazing performances.

Dancing with the Stars. Credits: Facebook

Fasten your seatbelts: it would seem that the new edition of Dancing with the Stars will be on the air starting from Saturday 8 October and will keep us company throughout the autumn. It will therefore be a totally unmissable event, also because – reading a bit about all the official competitors that have been announced – we are sure that we will see some good ones.

According to what is learned from Davide Maggio, it would seem that this edition which will start in a few weeks will be an edition full of novelties. There has not yet been any confirmation from those directly involved, but it would seem that the public of Dancing with the Stars will have to do without one of the symbolic faces of the program. An absence very heavy, as we can clearly understand, which will sadden – and not a little – all its spectators. Curious to know who we are going to talk about?

Heavy absence at Dancing with the stars: bad news for fans

Not only men and women, for whom it is said that a lady can play a completely new role, or the GF Vip, on which a sensational hypothesis has been advanced, but also the next edition of Dancing with the stars would seem to include a big news. To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was Davide Maggio! According to what is learned from the famous portal, it would seem that Milly Carlucci has decided to make changes to the fixed cast of the program. Not only that, from what we read, two professional dancers will become jurors, but the show’s audience will have to deal with a very heavy absence.

Although there has not yet been any confirmation from the direct interested, it would seem that a fixed face of Dancing with the stars is ready to leave the show. Who are we talking about? Let’s proceed in order. Apparently, the jury is reconfirmed with full marks! Therefore, the competitors’ performances will continue to be commented by Selvaggia Lucarelli, Carolyn Smith, Guillermo Mariotto and Ivan Zazzaroni. The novelty, on the other hand, concerns the ‘off-screen’ items. That is, that of Alberto Matano, who recently got married with his partner, and Roberta Bruzzone.

According to Davide Maggio, in fact, it is the beloved criminologist who leaves the program. Alberto Matano, therefore, will return to comment on the performances, but week after week he will have a different partner. Finally, alongside Rossella Erra there will be Sara Di Vaira and Simone De Pasquale.

dancing with the stars absence
Roberta Bruzzone. Credits: Youtube

Do you mind the idea that Roberta Bruzzone is no longer in the program?